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     As a key chemical enterprise of the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Pan-Asia PET Resin (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (“Pan-Asia”) produces 300,000 tons of PET chips each year, generating an annual output value of over CNY 3 billion.

The company is among the largest PET chip producers in          Guangdong Province and takes up a large share of the South-China PET chip market. Pan-Asia has established long-term partnership with major beverage producers from home and abroad, such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Master Kong, Wahaha, Watson’s and Ganten. Pan-Asia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Full Apex Group (“the Group”), which has a history of over thirty years. With a product portfolio ranging from bottle-grade PET chips, PET bottle preforms of various specifications, PET bottles to cartons, Full Apex is leading the food-grade plastic packaging industry in South China.     

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Phase I (2019-2021)

  1.  a 500ktpa bottle-grade PET plant (Sep. 2020)
  2.  a 1.25mtpa PTA plant (Q1 2021)

Phase II (2019-2021)

  1.  a 1.25mtpa of PTA plant (Q4 2021)
  2.  a 500ktpa PSF plant (Q4 2021)

(including a 250ktpa of regular PSF plant and a 250ktpa of differential PSF plant)

Phase III (2019-2022)

  1. 5mtpa of heavy oil/diesel/oil residue hydrogenation—producing 1.35mtpa of PX and 1.1mtpa of light naphtha (conceptual)

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